Founding Partner

Yin Cao

Mr. Cao Yin is the founding partner of Digital Renaissance Foundation, and the Chief Expert of blockchain at China Cinda Security. He is also a founder of the Energy Blockchain Labs, the world’s first company focused on implementing blockchain technology to energy and green finance applications.

Yin has written several books, including “Development of Energy Internet”, “Introduction of Energy Internet”, and,  he has also has written a book “Internet+: National Strategic Action Roadmap” together with Tony Ma, the Chairman of Tencent Group.

Yin is a very active evangelist and experienced token economist in the blockchain community of China. He’s one of the key advisors for the most famous blockchain projects in China, including Nebulas, Loopring, Qlink, etcetera. He helps to design the decentralized business model of these projects.

Cao is one of the earliest Estonian e-Residency members in China, and is now helping the e-Residency team to promote the ecosystem in Chinese speaking communities.

Cao is the Guest Lecturer of Beijing National Accounting Institute and Guest Speaker of Shanghai National Accounting Institute

He is also a key member of the Hyperledger China Working Group, and co-founded the Climate Chain Coalition with UNFCCC.

Founding Partner

Mikk Maal

Mikk is a serial entrepreneur (founded more than 10 businesses) and a tax advisor with a strong passion for the game of football. Currently a partner and a CEO of Comistar International (with offices in 4 countries), a company dedicated to helping legal and finance professionals to succeed and grow their businesses.

Comistar is also an official partner of the e-Residency program, and Mikk has given several talks to Chinese audience promoting the e-Residency ecosystem (one webinar has been viewed for more than 3 million times).

Founding partner of Digital Renaissance Foundation, with main focus on ICO advisory and licensing of cryptocurrency projects in the EU countries (Estonia, Switzerland, Luxembourg).

A cryptocurrency enthusiast, co-authoring a blog at and a bestselling e-book “Navigating Through Cryptocurrencies: Introduction, Investing, ICOs, Scams and Interviews” (the book was number one in three categories on Kindle store).

Additionally, Mikk is a partner at a wholesale company Prominer, which imports and sells top of the line cryptocurrency mining machines to several EU countries.

Additionally, Mikk is a co-founder at Trequartista Football Management, a leading football agency operating mainly in the Scandinavian and Eastern European football markets.

Founding Partner

Stevie Song

Stevie Song, The first e-resident from China, founded Digital Renaissance Foundation in 2015. Song is an economist and consultant by profession. Works actively in the Estonian e-residency ecosystem and Finnish AI and Fin-tech sectors.