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Digital Renaissance is founded by a group of early adopters of e-residency from Europe and China. We facilitate innovations in blockchain and crypto sector. With our geographic expertise from Europe to China, we consult, incubate and finance projects in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem, especially projects accelerate the future digital governance.

We love working with innovative blockchain businesses that are solving real problems. There's nothing better than to meet entrepreneurs that are doing something great.

— Mikk Maal

Digital Renaissance Foundation

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Investment Banking Service

With our team extensive background in the financial market, we work with ICO/STO platform and VCs in Europe and Asia where our clients get front of line positioning for private meetings with institutional investors, family offices and high wealth individuals. As financial advisors, our best interest is the result of our client fundraising and token distribution.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Licensing and Compliance

We help our clients connect to the countries that have available regulatory frameworks in place to deal with token sales and trading platform. We have in house legal team and legal partners in Switzerland, Estonia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Malta and many more.

Marketing and PR

Traditional and crypto-community marketing.– we know the space well and we know how to do marketing and community engagement to take your project to the masses.

Community Building and Event Organizing

Our team are thought leaders and influencers in the crypto social media and we work with some of the best community builders in the business. We have been building the Estonian e-residents community in China since 2015. We are also part of global tech community such as Junction, the largest hackathon in Europe. We have organised 30+ roadshow, meet-ups, and hackathons in Europe and China.

Consulting and Go to Asian Market Strategy

We help you to create customized Asian market development strategy, connect you with Key Opinion Leaders and institutions who are crucial to your success in Asian market. Our offer includes: white paper editing, advisor and corporate partnership, professional translations, code auditing and many more.

Proof of Stake, Staking service

We host top-performing POS staking nodes of Polkadot, ChainX, NEAR Protocol and Darwinia and many more. We help other peer investors and clients participate in staking and take care of setting up staking infrastructure and operation.

Our team

Song Ping


Song Ping, The first e-resident from China, founded Digital Renaissance Foundation in 2015. As an economist by training and consultant by profession, Song works actively in the Estonian e-residency ecosystem and Finnish AI and Blockchain space.

Song Ping

Yin Cao


Mr. Cao Yin has written several books, including one together with Tony Ma, the Chairman of Tencent Group. Cao is the key advisor of some of the most famous blockchain projects in China, including Nebulas, Loopring, Qlink, and many more.

Yin Cao

Mikk Maal


Mikk is a CEO of Comistar, a company providing legal and financial services for blockchain businesses in 4 countries. Co-author of a bestselling e-book ``Navigating Through Cryptocurrencies” (was number one in three categories on Kindle store).

Mikk Maal

Kaikai Yang


Kaikai is an evangelist in energy blockchain track. Her early background in jazz drumming and English literature built up her global vision and sharp intuition in blockchain.

Kaikai Yang

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Digital Nation Hackathon

Digital Renaissance is partnering with Junction to organize biggest Hackathon in Europe on 23. - 25.11. 2018. In the blockchain track of Hackathon, developers…

Song oktoober 9, 2018

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