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DRF is a bridge between the East Asia (China, South-Korea and Japan) and Western blockchain communities. We help blockchain businesses to successfully launch their token financing from start to finish, including technical questions, regulatory matters, obtain necessary licenses within the EU, build and manage the investor community and connect with the biggest crypto funds and token tycoons from the Asian blockchain ecosystem.

We love working with innovative blockchain businesses that are solving real problems. There's nothing better than to meet entrepreneurs that are doing something great.

— Mikk Maal

Digital Renaissance Foundation

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Legal Analysis And Improvements

We analyze how the token will be classified within the Estonian legal framework, possible tax implications (VAT as a main focus),  and KYC processes. Together with the analysis the client will receive comments and suggestions in regards of the token model, and if required, a binding legal opinion. Clients can highlight specific parts of the WP that require extra attention and input from the lawyer. We also provide our clients with the privacy policy, token sale agreements and terms & conditions drafts.

Licensing in the European Union

We help our clients to obtain the necessary licensing in Europe: Cryptocurrency exchange licenses, e-wallet licenses, e-wallet institution licenses and specialized banking licenses. The need for the licenses is determined during the introduction phase with your business.

Technology Support

Technology support for your ICO – an all inclusive back-office. Smart contracts, ICO cabinets, conceptual token design, ICO contribution flow and bounty programs, KYC/AML solution, engagement and processing the payments.

Financial Advisory

Introduction to investors, funds and key media platforms within the Chinese blockchain community. Communicating key points and value proposition to the investors, and assistance in maintaining the investor relationships after raising capital.

Community Management

There’s a very clear correlation between the size and engagement of the community and the amount of money you’ll be able to raise during a public sale of your tokens. This is the key factor of the success of the ICO. Managing the community is no easy feat either – it requires constant moderation and active participation within the community communication, including post-ICO management.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We help our clients to obtain licenses in the European Union. Only regulated exchanges have a place in the future crypto markets, and smart entrepreneurs are preparing for it. We have a 100% success rate in obtaining licenses for our clients.Additionally, we can provide exchange software, introductions to interesting cryptocurrencies to be listed, and market-maker services to increase liquidity of the exchange.


China Market Development

We help you to create a China market development strategy, connect you with potential business partners, industry companies and institutions, which are crucial to your success in Chinese market.

Tokenizing Your Business

Are you considering implementing blockchain technology and token model to your business, but you’re not quite sure how to do it? We help you to conceptualize the token structure and implementation process that is specifically designed to facilitate the nuances of your business.

M&A Services

We are the only company offering M&A services for blockchain businesses. We help you to identify potential targets and structure the deal, taking into account the possible complexities of determining value of the issued tokens and real equity of the company.

The key to any venture is building the right team

Our team

Yin Cao


Mr. Cao Yin has written several books, including one together with Tony Ma, the Chairman of Tencent Group. Cao is the key advisor of some of the most famous blockchain projects in China, including Nebulas, Loopring, Qlink, and many more.

Yin Cao

Mikk Maal


Mikk is a CEO of Comistar, a company providing legal and financial services for blockchain businesses in 4 countries. Co-author of a bestselling e-book ``Navigating Through Cryptocurrencies” (was number one in three categories on Kindle store).

Mikk Maal

Song Ping


Stevie Song, The first e-resident from China, founded Digital Renaissance Foundation in 2015. Song is an economist and consultant by profession. Works actively in the Estonian e-residency ecosystem and Finnish AI and Fin-tech sectors.

Song Ping

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